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Our Secrets

Pride Global's Secret Recipe for Success

We have no need to hide what makes Pride proud—we share that expertise with you.

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Most companies like keeping secrets, but at Pride, we know that what makes us unique can’t be copied. The factors that make our business thrive are unique to the Pride Global family, and they’re what make it possible for us to deliver globe-spanning solutions that are flexible enough to meet our clients’ exact needs.


For the team at Pride, “AIKIDO” is more than an acronym that guides our professional ethics, it’s the foundation of our corporate philosophy, the way of life our employees walk and live every day. Adaptability, integrity, knowledge, inclusion, drive, and outlook—it’s these qualities that make Pride employees the best at what they do.

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The Dojo Program

At Pride, our business units are our Dojos, and or corporate culture is our art. Every new team member starts as a white belt, rising as they learn, grow, and contribute to Pride culture. As they rise, they eventually join our cultural leadership, taking on greater responsibility and making their mark on their Dojos as they earn their green, orange, and purple belts.

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Pride Lioness

Our women’s equity initiative, the Lioness team works tirelessly to identify opportunities and overcome obstacles for women at Pride and its affiliates through everything from events and webinars to fellowship and mentorship programs—including the Lioness @ Bat initiative, an incubator that helps Pride’s talented young women professionals grow into leaders.

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The Griffin Program is Pride Global's profit sharing program. Employees can use Dojo Dollars to buy Griffin's in the Dojo Dollar store, which they can then invest into target businesses and get paid real dividends quarterly.

Comission-Free Comps

The staffing industry has a reputation for hard-charging, take-no-prisoners sales machines out to maximize their incomes through commissions. Instead, we simply pay our professionals like professionals. Without the stress of internal competition, our team can stay focused on what our clients need: the right resources at the right time and place for a fair wage.